Sydney based designer with a particular interst in print design, typography and identities. 
In 2017 she graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, with honours in Visual Communication.
Also a fan of Maggie Cheung

Currently Maggie is:
— Learning Mandarin
— Reading The Abyss by Leonid Andreyev
— Drawing up a typeface
+61 421 131 696

+    (2018) Untitled 

+    (2018) Flora-1 

+    (2018) Various excerpts from Japan, taken on 35mm film

+    (2017) In Colour: A Life’s Work, a publication tribute to Adrian Frutiger’s iconic typeface Univers and his contributions to design, ISTD Excellence award.

+    (2016) Hypothetical design for the 10th annual Sydney Architecture Festival, A3 neon orange and gold risograph print. 

+    (2017) S-Town, a collation of ephemera, interviews, quotes, memoirs published as an accompaniment to the podcast of the same     name. An exploration of the “book” in graphic design, in particular physicality and permanence within storytelling in a digital age. 

+    (2017) Untitled laser cutting project, experimenting with layered perspex, light and moire pattern at UTS.

+    (2016) Teaka, packaging design for green tea sourced from Kyoto, Japan. 

+    (2015) Concept for book cover design.